The 85-year-old from San Ferdinando who disappeared from home has been tracked down by the police


By John

The elderly man who disappeared a few days ago in San Ferdinando (RC) was found after a few hours. The alarmed family members, not seeing him return home, alerted the Carabinieri on the emergency telephone number 112, who promptly activated the search which ended positively. Thanks to the efforts of the military, the elderly man, almost 85 years old, suffering from serious health problems, had left home in the afternoon and had not returned since then. The research carried out by the soldiers of the Carabinieri Station Command of San Ferdinando (RC) was decisive and they promptly acquired all the cognitive data on the subject and on the circumstances of the removal. By focusing attention on the places considered most likely to meet, and deploying forces both in the urban area of ​​the San Ferdinando area and in the immediate peripheral area, the case was quickly solved. Thanks to the timely intervention of the military personnel, the epilogue arrived around 6.00 pm on the same day, when the man was spotted near the seafront of the Municipality of San Ferdinando (RC), in a state of disorientation and confusion. The carabinieri immediately rescued him and handed him back to his family who, relieved by the discovery, gave credit to the work of the force, and brought the man home. This intervention represents a happy ending to a situation that potentially could have had uncertain outcomes. However, thanks to the quick sighting of the missing elderly man, he did not suffer any dangers that could have jeopardized his person.