The alternative to the Bridge for the Greens is the Strait National Park, meeting in Reggio


By John

The idea is there. A bill for the establishment of the Strait National Park launched by Europa Verde-Verdi and Sinistra and presented to the Chamber of Deputies for discussion in September. A single protected area that brings together all the special protection zones, the protected areas, both on land and on the sea, the SACs of the Costa Viola and Monte Sant’Elia, those of Monte Scrisi and the seabed of Scilla, the fortifications military, placed under protection by the Ministry of Culture. Areas whose borders are perfectly mirrored with the same number of protection areas present in Sicily. And the idea of ​​building the bridge is mind blowing Angelo Bonelli, deputy and co-spokesperson for Green Europe-Greens and the Left. Together with him at the press conference in Palazzo San Giorgio were the co-spokesmen of Calabria, Sicily, of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, the Calabrian members of the national direction of the party.