The ambush in Palmi, the investigators are sure: whoever shot wanted to kill


By John

Fabio Manolo Cosoleto, the 52-year-old slightly wounded on the chin last night in Palmi by two killers on a motorcycle, he is convicted of mafia association, robbery and murder, for events committed a few years ago in the Brescia area. The fibrillations that in recent months have been affecting the precarious balances in the Tyrrhenian “district” of the ‘Ndrangheta are of concern, especially in the gangs of Rosarno and Gioia Tauro. Cosoleto, at the time of the ambush, was in the car with his wife and their child, when the killers opened fire on him with a pistol, grazing him in the chin. The investigations, meanwhile, have been entrusted to the Carabinieri of the Palmi company, in whose territory the ambush took place, and already in the next few hours the case, given the criminal caliber of the injured person, could be examined by the anti-mafia district prosecutor’s office of Reggio Calabria. The initial investigations so far seem to converge on one point: the perpetrators of the ambush shot to kill and not to send a warning.