Inflation, Messina (+6.1%) in second place with Perugia and Turin. Record for Genoa (7.1%)


By John

Inflation decelerates in August with a differentiated trend between regions. Inflation is higher than the national one – underlines Istat – in the North-West (from +6.1% to +5.8%), in the Center (from +6.1% to +5.5%) and in the Islands (from +6.4% in July to +5.5%), while it is lower in the South (from +5.8% to +5.2%) and in the North-East (from +5.6 % to +5.0%).
In the capitals of the regions and autonomous provinces and in the municipalities that are not regional capitals with more than 150 thousand inhabitants the highest inflation is observed in Genoa (+7.1%), Perugia, Messina and Turin (all three at +6.1%), while the most limited trend changes in prices are recorded in Potenza (+3.4%) and Trento (+3.8%). In Milan prices grew by 5.8% while in Rome they rose by 5.2%. The region with the highest inflation in August is Liguria (6.8% increase in prices) and the one with the lowest is Basilicata (3.5%).