The Azzurri of ItalTennis from Mattarella to celebrate the victory in the Davis Cup. The head of state to Sinner: “I appreciate your simplicity”


By John

The president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellamet the Italian men’s national tennis team, winner of the 2023 Davis Cup, at the Quirinale in the afternoon. The President of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, the President of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation, Angelo Binaghi, spoke. Jannik Sinner and the other members of the Italian team: Lorenzo Musetti, Lorenzo Sonego, Matteo Arnaldi and Simone Bolelli led by captain Filippo Volandri. The Minister for Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi, was present. At the end of the meeting the Head of State greeted those present.

A special greeting to all of you, protagonists of the Davis Cup. Congratulations also to Berrettini, to captain Volandri, good at inspiring that extraordinary team spirit, for his ability to convey serenity and concentration”, said Mattarella.

“That Sunday I had a commitment and I started watching the final from the fourth set and this helped my mood… but I immediately had the certainty that he would win”, said the President of the Republic joking about the final won in a comeback (he had lost the first two sets) from Sinner in Melbourne. “I appreciate its simplicity but everyone now – added Mattarella – expects him to always win but it is right that there is no pressure because what is important is commitment, loyalty and sporting sense and we are certain of this”.

“Thank you so much, a splendid racket… modern!”. So Mattarella thanked Sinner who gave him one of his rackets “wrapped” with a tricolor bow at the Quirinale. In fact, the head of state is a tennis lover and recounted his memories of the past when rackets were very different from today.

The pride of being here is for a victory that is the result of sacrifice and teamwork“, said Sinner in his speech addressing the President of the Republic. “It is a success for all Italians. The most important thing was not to win, but to understand each other among teammates, to be happy on the pitch and smile even when things don’t go well.”
“They have done an important thing for this country,” Sinner added. “In Bologna we suffered a bit – recalled the Italian, winner of the ’24 Australian Open – I wasn’t there, then in Malaga I gave my contribution as Matteo Berrettini had done. Now there are the Olympics, an appointment very important: we will all try to give our best.”

It’s incredible how much I want to learn the history of tennis, he knows her better than me (laughs, ed.). Today I learned many things from him”, said Sinner leaving the meeting in the Quirinale with Mattarella. “You have incredible simplicity and humility. He personally used very beautiful and simple words. It’s what I like,” he added.

Binaghi, Davis the best match, you play for others

“We kept a promise.” Thus the president of Federtennis, Angelo Binaghi, addressed the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in the meeting at the Quirinale with the Azzurri winners of the 2023 Davis Cup. “Two years ago – recalled Binaghi – we came here with Berrettini, Wimbledon finalist, together with the national football team champions of Europe, and we promised that we would return winners. Here we are” rolling pin-to-celebrate-the-victory-in-the-davis-cup-the-head-of-state-in-sinner-I-appreciate-your-simplicity-9d22fb7f-3efd-482f-850a-54ae2a3bbd1c/.”Sinner – added Binaghi – he accomplished a feat but the Davis Cup is special because it is the most beautiful and fascinating of all, being a team competition. In a damned individual sport, it is the only competition in which you can spend yourself your teammates, for your family, for your country” -coppa-davis-the-head-of-state-a-sinner-I-appreciate-your-simplicity-9d22fb7f-3efd-482f-850a-54ae2a3bbd1c/.”Our kids are special – concluded the Fitp president -, a team of great quality but also of great values ​​that know how to communicate them. We will do everything we can to ensure that this meeting becomes a habit, and that another 47 years do not pass.”

Malagò to Mattarella, thank you for your closeness and complicity

“I thank you, President, for your sensitivity towards sport, which is closeness and, allow me, complicity”. Giovanni Malago’, president of CONI, said this in his introductory greeting to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who receives the Azzurri winners of the 2023 Davis Cup at the Quirinale. “This success arrives in the Olympic year: one hundred years after the edition of Paris 1924, with the first and only Italian Olympic medal in tennis, I feel that we can repeat ourselves, and not with just one medal.”

“It’s been 100 years since we won a medal in tennis at the Games, it’s time to dispel this taboo,” said the CONI president as he entered the Quirinale. “We really appreciated that Sinner wants to participate in the Olympics. But he is not the only one, the others also want to”, he added. Then speaking about what is special about this national team, he explained: “The special thing about them is that they are a team. Otherwise they wouldn’t have won. Sinner then closed the circle of a journey that starts from afar. The coaches and federation were also good at giving us these satisfactions”.