They slip from scaffolding in San Filippo del Mela: two workers end up in hospital


By John

Accident at work for two workers who, for reasons under investigation, they are slipped from scaffolding while carrying out work in the building in Piazza Fulci, once used as a primary school in San Filippo del Mela. One of the two workers, both transported to the emergency room, suffered major injuries. The municipal police, the carabinieri and also the mayor Gianni Pino were on site. The structure is currently undergoing renovation work.

One of the workers suffered fractures to his ribs, while the condition of the second seemed more serious as the worker hit his head on the pavement causing a significant injury. The two workers are employees of the Grillo company, involved in the restoration work of a school in S. Filippo del Mela. On the same morning, another accident occurred in Torregrotta where a car hit a scaffolding. The impact caused the fall of two workers who were working on the scaffolding. «Despite the checks and invitations to comply with the regulations on employee safety, accidents continue unabated – say the general secretary of CISL Messina, Antonino Alibrandi and the general secretary of Filca CISL Messina, Nino Botta – we are tired of drawing up a bulletin almost daily number of accidents among construction workers. While waiting to understand the dynamics that caused today’s accident, we ask the Prefecture to convene the Safety Table established with the social partners to take stock of the situation, discuss and find solutions in this regard”.