The Catanzaro-Lamezia urban area is an ambitious but complex project


By John

The vast area between Catanzaro and Lamezia Terme has been talked about for some time. And it could not be otherwise for a series of geographical reasons (the two cities mark the extremes of the narrowest point in Italy, less than 40 km between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea) and therefore logistical, administrative and functional.

Nevertheless, the project of transforming the relationship between the regional capital and the city in whose area the only international airport in Calabria and the main hub station for the regional railway system are located into a strategic partnership was shattered in the clash with the harsh reality of a policy perhaps more attentive to the internal pressures against the conurbation due to parochialism than to the real need for socio-economic development of the central area of ​​Calabria.

The delay with which today the group is led by the former Undersecretary for Public Works and several times MP, Mario Tassone, now appears to be complete and unrecoverable. and by the former president of the Province of Catanzaro, Piero Amato.

The current regulatory context has changed profoundly compared to the parameter examined by the “Movement for the relaunch of the Catanzaro-Lamezia urban area”, which in a press note released in recent days underlined the need to start from the “memorandum of understanding of 1991, signed, at the Ministry of Urban Areas, by the Presidents of the Calabria Region and the Province of Catanzaro and by the Mayors of Catanzaro and Lamezia Terme”.