The Catanzaro Liselote Parisi, “craftsman of the lectern”, has passed away


By John

Among the great craftsmen of art at the lecterna little behind the scenes compared to the more well-known roles, the dubbing assistant contributes substantially to the success of the audiovisual product, supporting the directors in the Italian versions of foreign films and TV series and in the post-synchronisations of national productions. Liselotte Parisi from Catanzaro, who passed away on March 4th at the age of 62, after a brief illness, would have celebrated his forty years of work on authentic cult films of Italian and international cinema and TV in 2024. Last March 6th in Rome the last farewell of friends and colleagues, at the Egyptian Temple of the Verano Monumental Cemetery.

Graduated from the Liceo Classico Pasquale Galluppi in her city in 1980, four years later, in the capital, she joined the CDC, the first of the large companies for which she worked, to which she added, among many others, CD – Cine Dubbing, Cast Dubbing, SAS and Fonoroma. His debut as a dubbing assistant was with Sergio Fiorentini – voice of Gene Hackman and face of Brigadier Cacciapuoti in “Il Maresciallo Rocca” – in the post-synchronization of the TV miniseries “Un millions of billions” (Gianfranco Albano), followed by “Naso of dog” (Pasquale Squitieri), Marco Risi's cult films “Da grande” and “Mery per semper”, “Giovanni Falcone” (Giuseppe Ferrara) and “La Piovra” from the third to the seventh season. Among the most popular works on which Parisi worked over the years were also the films “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day”, “Delitto Perfetto” and “Il director di matrimoni” (Marco Bellocchio). In the television field you contributed to the series “The Robinsons” and “Highlander” and to the cartoons “Eureka” and “The Amazing World of Gumball”. Rodolfo Bianchi wanted her at his side in the direction of some auteur films distributed by Mikado (“Canicola”, “Bowling a Colombine” and “City of God”) and the fiction “Valeria medico-legal” (Mediaset) and “Casa famiglia ” (Rai). She was also an assistant in the Italian version of “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki (Oscar 2003 for best animated film) and in the post-synchronization of “Singing Behind the Screens” (Ermanno Olmi). Her commitment as a dubbing director is linked to the films “Part time” and “Alaska”, the series “The Goldbergs” and various TaoDue productions, including “Sole a catinelle”, “Quo vago?”, “Il Tredicesimo Apostolo 2 ” and the cycle “Head held high”. For Lotus you had directed the post-synchronization of the film “Perfect Strangers” (Paolo Genovese) and, for Rai1, several documentaries of “Passaggio a Nord Ovest”. Among her most recent works as an assistant is the animated film “The famous invasion of the bears in Sicily” by Lorenzo Mattotti (2019), based on the book of the same name by Dino Buzzati. In recent years Parisi had dedicated herself to teaching at the Voice Art Dubbing school and to writing, with the publication of the novels “Petali nel muddo” (PandiLettere, 2020) and “I colori di Alika” (Porto Seguro, 2022).