«The Choice» by Giuseppina Torre: how beautiful it is to be able to choose


By John

Exciting and delicate music at the same time to tell reflections, objectives, important decisions and change; above all an ode to the beauty of freedom and the ability to choose. One of the most acclaimed Italian talents across the border, the pianist and composer Giuseppina Torre, from Vittoria in Ragusa, launches her new album “The Choice” (Bollettino Edizioni Musicali-Sony Music Italia) an invitation to self-awareness through ten instrumental songs that open the doors to an inner journey, inviting you to explore your vulnerability without reservations and break the barriers of self-preservation, embracing the strength of showing yourself authentically fragile, free from the anxiety of having to appear successful at all costs. Produced by Torre with the artistic supervision of Roberto Cacciapaglia, the album was born from a moment of profound life change and will be performed live in Italy for the first time tomorrow (12pm), in the Spazio Big Santa Marta in Milan, at the inauguration of «Basilicata. A land in the clouds. Journey through comics set in Lucania”, an exhibition curated by Giuseppe Palumbo and Andrea Plazzi as part of La Milanesiana, an exhibition conceived and directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi.
«The album was born from a question that was asked to me – said the artist –: what is freedom for you? I replied that it is the possibility of choosing, implemented when I decided to move to Milan. A goal developed over the years and achieved in the period in which music was stopped due to Covid and I felt suffocated. There have been difficult moments, but it's a choice I would make again.”
The melodies of the album are small soundtracks which, through the sounds and titles of the songs, all in English, evoke sensations and stories…
«It is in fact a story of notes only, without words. Each track narrates something I experienced, because I write drawing from my experiences and emotions. Even the titles are the fruit and consequence of what I wanted to express in the album.”
«The Choice» had its world premiere at the end of April, during the tour in South Korea. What was the experience like?
«South Korea is a country that shows great respect for everything that comes from the West: both the public and professionals. They leave nothing to chance and take care of the artist from the concert proposal to the last note on stage, and the workers remain available until you are satisfied with the rehearsal. With typically Sicilian stubbornness I managed to undermine the protocols and interacted with the spectators.”
You are an artist on the front line in the fight against violence against women, which you also support symbolically by placing red shoes on the piano at every concert. Are we finally coming to an awareness of such a dramatic problem?
«We realized that we shouldn't talk about this only on November 25th, but every day. I love to think that the small message of the shoes, which I also brought to Korea, is a symbol against gender violence and reminds us of the movement on this problem. Every change started with a first step and I want to do it through music, which by its nature makes noise, as a universal language capable of reaching everyone's conscience.” «The Choice» was recorded and mixed by Gianpiero Dionigi at Glance Studio in Milan and mastered by Pino “Pinaxa” Pischetola at Pinaxa Studio.