Violence in Milazzo, student attacks teacher after failing. Then he runs away


By John

An unfortunate episode of violence occurred today during the end-of-school-year exams at the “Da Vinci” Institute in Milazzo. In fact, a student attacked his professor after receiving the news that he had failed. Following the outcome of the ballots, the teacher had summoned the boy's parents to school to tell them the unpleasant news. Once his parents had left, the resentful boy decided to confront the teacher, so he went inside the institute and hit the teacher with a headbutt and a punch. Unfortunately, the latter ended up disastrously on the ground, requiring the intervention of the 118 health workers. Furthermore, the principal of Da Vinci, Stefania Scolaro, deemed it necessary to inform the police of the incident, who immediately went to the school. Once the gesture had been carried out, the boy allegedly ran away, while the professor was transferred to hospital to check his health. «I considered it necessary to have an ambulance intervene to provide aid to the teacher, who remained on the ground after the attack, and the police intervened at the school who naturally know the identity of the young man» confirmed principal Scolaro.