The dems in the square in Rome, Barbagallo: “A thousand from Sicily to Rome, great emotion”


By John

«In a Piazza del Popolo they are almost packed a thousand Sicilians present. An extraordinary emotion. We are here, at the national demonstration of the Democratic Party, to protest against this unfair and harmful budget maneuver and to shout our desire for a different Italy on rights, social justice, healthcare and to support the battle for the minimum wage”. So the regional secretary of the Sicily Democratic Party, Anthony Barbagallo, from Piazza Del Popolo in Rome, where the demonstration “For a fairer future” was held today. There is an alternative”, called by the national Democratic Party, led by Elly Schlein. A real mobilization, from Sicily, with numbers that have not been remembered for years: around 600 Sicilian men and women were announced thanks to two special trains (which left yesterday from Palermo and from Syracuse-Catania. But these were also joined by those who by plane and with their own transport have increased the Sicilian presence with presences from every part of the island. There are representatives of the federations of Palermo and Catania, Agrigento and Trapani, Messina, Ragusa Siracusa, Enna and Caltanissetta. In Piazza del Popolo, between the others, various among deputies and senators elected in Sicily, regional parliamentarians and various members of the regional secretary including Cleo Li Calzi, Alfredo Rizzo and Sergio Lima, the latter took care of the logistical-organizational aspects of the trip. «We are a lively party which in Sicily in particular – say Lima and Rizzo – has seen a great demand for participation in this event, as demonstrated by the massive presence in Rome today. There are many militants but also numerous those, mostly young people from the collectives and university students, even those who are not members of the Democratic Party, who nevertheless share the platform of the demonstration”.