‘Ndrangheta in Mesoraca, procurement and drug trafficking: the DDA prosecutor asks for 24 convictions NAMES


By John

Twenty-four convictions and two acquittals, asked the prosecutor of the Catanzaro district anti-mafia directorate yesterday, Domenico Guarascioat the conclusion of his indictment of the summary procedure resulting from the “Black wood” investigation against the Ferrazzo di Mesoraca gang.
The prosecutor asked for Pietro Fontana 20 years in prison; For John Forest, 12 years; For Domenico Grano, 10 years; For Giuseppe Grano, 20 years; Rosario Piperno14 years; Giovanni Corrado8 years; Oreste Vona, 5 years and 6 months; Antonio Sirianni2 years and 6 months; Francesco Serra2 years and 6 months; Massimo Ursor, 2 years and 6 months; Salvatore Pantò1 year and 8 months; Antonio Cullò, 1 year and 8 months; Ernesto Iannone, 2 years; Costantino Tallarico3 years; Francesco Serrao16 years; Salvatore Serrao, 13 years; Pierluca Pollizzi, 10 years; Holy Fire, 10 years; Francesco Manfreda10 years; Giuseppe Manfreda3 years and 6 months; Luigi Mannaino14 years; Vincenzo Mantia, 14 years; Lucky Matarise, 10 years; And Nicola Miletta, 10 years. He then asked to acquit: Armando Ferrazzo And Gianfranco Catalano.
The investigation came to light on October 3, 2022 with 31 arrests made by the police. In the press conference following the raid, the investigators said they were convinced that they had severed the “tentacles” that the clan headed by the boss Mario Donato Ferrazzo, would have expanded on wood processing in the Cutro biomass power plant, “Serravalle Energy”, for the production of electricity.

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