The Exhibition of the Vara and the Giants open to Messina and tourists at the Palacultura


By John

It was inaugurated in August two years ago this morning at Palaculture the “Permanent municipal exhibition of the Vara and the Giants”, included in the project of the identity policies of the Messina area, managed by the councilor for tourism and culture Enzo Caruso. The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.30. Tuesday and Thursday also from 15 to 16.30. Expected extraordinary openings during the week of the Vara that the Municipality will announce in days

The De Luca Administration, in 2021, one of the two years in which Vara and Giganti did not leave their respective depots due to the pandemic, wanted to provide the city with an institutional place where to be able to tell the centuries-old procession of the Vara and the history of Mata Giants And Griffin (of which the broadsword and shield were exhibited for the first time).

An exhibition space equipped with a particular set-up which, through accurate graphics and a series of descriptive panels curated by Nino Principality And Franz Riccobono which trace a path of rediscovery of the history and construction techniques of the “Machine Festive” of the Vara and the Giants.

The exhibition is made up of objects and finds belonging to the Municipality and is enriched by private collections, among which that of the unforgettable Franz Riccobono and the Friends of the Museum stands out, the first founding nucleus of an exhibition which for years has been located in a little usable and attractive of Palazzo Zanca.

The exhibition was designed and set up, through a thematic itinerary, in agreement with the councilor Caruso, under the supervision of the Superintendency of the BB CC AA of Messina, by the professors Rosario La Fauci, Maria Elena Triolo And Valeria Cristofaro, teachers of graphics and pictorial disciplines of the Multimedia Art School of Seguenza, with particular skills in the audiovisual and multimedia sector, scenographic restoration and museum set-up, in the context of the collaboration of the school-work alternation with the Municipality.