Ponte: ok to the decree that cancels the ceiling of 240 thousand euros for the fees of the experts appointed by the Strait of Messina company


By John

The ‘asset decree’ was approved in the Council of Ministers, in the expected meeting scheduled before the summer “break ranks”, which includes various measures: from measures against the drop in flights to the reorganization of the taxi sector. A stop is also expected cap on salaries in the Strait Bridge Company, with a derogation – which gave rise to oppositions – to the 2016 rules which set a limit of 240,000 euros on annual fees. It is a norm strongly desired by MIT Matthew Salvinito ensure the involvement of the best professionals.

To allow the hiring of highly professional technicians for the bridge over the Strait, therefore, a derogation from the ceiling of the fees envisaged for directors and civil servants is envisaged, in line with what has already been done for the Jubilee or Anas 2.0 let the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport know in a note on the measures contained in the asset decree, explaining that the rule concerns the need to find highly competent super experts, also coming from companies such as Anas and Rfi (Italian railway network)for which there is no limit.

«Do I exclude that the exemption from the salary cap concerns the board of directors of the Ponte dello Strait company? Yes. This provision is limited to managers, architects, engineers” who will work on the project” said Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini during the press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers. “We have approved measures that adjust the fees for those who will work there to other companies, I am thinking of the Jubilee company – continued Salvini – If we have to take an engineer who now works in Anas or Rfi, he cannot earn less. It is not intended for directors but to the executives. Therefore, zero controversy, the goal is to involve young graduates as well”, he added at the end of the Council of Ministers.

But there are many other innovations provided for by the decree. From the bridge over the strait to expensive flights, from the increase in taxi licenses, to the fight against the blue crab, up to the measures on justice with the extension of wiretapping and more severe penalties for arsonists. But also 8 per thousand for drug addiction recovery, and farewell to Covid self-isolation.

Here are the measures contained in the two omnibus decrees in a nutshell, and what will change:

Strait bridge Article 15 provides that the concessionary company is not subject to a limit of 240 thousand euros on the maximum fees for directors and employees.

Taxi The legislative decree aims to increase the licenses of large cities by up to 20% through an international competition which compulsorily provides for the use of non-polluting vehicles. Municipalities will also be able to issue, on an experimental basis, additional licenses for a maximum of 24 months in favor of already holders.

Dear flights Stop algorithms that raise prices for domestic routes to and from the islands during a period of peak demand and if the ticket sale price is 200% higher than the average flight fare. It is forbidden to fix rates based on web profiling or the device model used.

Semiconductors A 630 million tax credit arrives for companies that invest in research and development in chips. The government will also be able to declare “the pre-eminent strategic national interest” of foreign investments exceeding one billion euros. An extraordinary commissioner may be appointed and a single authorization will suffice.

Dear materials Against the increase in costs, additional resources of over one billion are foreseen, covered by the Fund for the continuation of public works. – Golden power – special powers are strengthened to monitor the transfer abroad of particularly critical technology, even when it occurs intra-group. The exercise occurs when the acts and operations concern artificial intelligence, machinery for the production of semiconductors, cybersecurity, aerospace, energy storage, quantum and nuclear technologies

Alitalia The cigs for the workers of the old Alitalia is extended until 31 October 2024 but the shock absorbers are also modified with the ceiling on the increase in economic treatment which goes from 80% to 60%.

Tourism in Sicily A Fund of 10 million will be allocated to travelers and tour operators for the reimbursement of costs incurred after the fire – Foreign investments – The government will be able to declare “the pre-eminent strategic national interest” and appoint an extraordinary commissioner responsible for their implementation, thus aiming to speed up the procedures for maxi-projects worth at least one billion euro.

Blue crab Against the spread of the killer crab, starting from 1 August 2023, the expenditure of 2.9 million euros is authorized in favor of consortia and aquaculture companies that take care of the capture and disposal of the species – Small municipalities – A fund is set up by Ministry of Transport for road investments with a budget of 50 million between now and 2025. These are resources intended for municipalities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. The total contribution granted to each municipality can be a maximum of 150 thousand euros.

Wiretapping extension The use of interceptions has been extended to some hypotheses of serious crime. The investigative tool can be applied in proceedings for crimes related to the illicit trafficking of waste, to cases aggravated by the mafia method, to kidnappings for extortion purposes and to terrorism.

Centralized archive Introduced a centralized archive, interdistrict digital infrastructures, where the activities ordered by the individual prosecutors will be kept. The organization and surveillance of the listening activity will remain in the hands of the chief prosecutors, but “the Ministry of Justice ensures the setting up and maintenance of the infrastructures” and “with the exclusion of access to unencrypted data”.

Crash on arsonists The statutory minimum for those who cause the fire goes from four to six years. If the mother is culpable, the minimum penalty is two years’ imprisonment. It increases “by one third to one half” if “the fact is committed in order to gain profit for oneself or for others or with abuse of powers or with violation of duties inherent in the execution of tasks or in the performance of services within the scope of the prevention and active fight against forest fires.

8X1000 for drug addictions From next year’s declarations it will be possible to allocate it to the «recovery of drug addictions and other pathological addictions».

Covid The obligation of isolation for the positives is dropped. The indication for Regions and autonomous Provinces to communicate data on infections to the ministry and Iss on a daily basis also ceases.