The magic of Christmas comes to life in Castanea with the opening of the living nativity scene


By John

The thirty-second edition of the Joy of Christmas kicked off in Castanea yesterday, an event that confirms itself as the beating heart of the holidays, and not only in Messina.

Even before the lights came on and the festive sounds filled the air, a significant gesture marked the official opening of the living nativity scene. On the entrance arch, inspired by Bethlehem, a plaque dedicated to the breaking down of barriers has been placed. A symbol of welcome and inclusion that anticipated the solemn blessing of the parish priest, a moment of spirituality that united the community.

The atmosphere was finally enriched with the surprising presence of the Archbishop, welcomed by the figures and the tame animals that populate the evocative live nativity scene. An unexpected meeting that added a touch of sacredness to the evening, confirming the unique character of this celebration.

Also today, December 26th, at 5.30pm, the living nativity scene will be represented and, according to an established calendar, it will continue until January 7th.

The organizers strongly advise visitors to use the one-way traffic and to park, both with coaches and cars, beyond Piazza del Rosario, along the provincial road that leads to Massa San Giorgio. A targeted choice to ensure fluid travel and easy enjoyment of the event.

For those arriving from the city, a bus service has been set up, with departures every hour from Piazza Cavallotti, directed towards Castanea.

Show calendar: 25-26*-27-29 and 30 December 2023 and 1*-2-4-5-6* and 7* January 2024. The nativity scene will open at 6.30 pm and on the days with an asterisk at 5.30 pm