The Messina journalist Valeria Ancione presents her latest book on the banks of the Strait


By John

On Friday 17 November at 6pm at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Via Ghibellina in Messina Valeria Ancione will meet the public to talk about her latest book, “And now sleep” published by Arkadia. She will dialogue with the author, Maria Bonaccorso.

The plot

Geena Castillo fled the United States to get away from a violent family and, having arrived in Rome, she believes she has finally found true love in Raffaele. In reality the relationship will prove to be a real prison. Not even Jonathan’s birth can resolve a situation in which brutality is the daily bread. The only thing to do is separate. And the life of Geena, who has meanwhile become Gina Drago, seems to have taken a different turn until the police knock on the woman’s door, and she is asked to identify a newly found body, which is suspected to be that of her ex. From this moment, while waiting for the investigations to clarify, Geena enters a tunnel of fear and anxiety, because she is convinced that Raffaele’s death was not the result of chance. Supported by a group of friends who try to protect her and by her meeting with a charming pianist, Geena will have to do everything to regain control of her life and carve out a piece of happiness in the world.

Valeria Ancione

Professional journalist at the “Corriere dello Sport”, the writer Valeria Ancione, originally from Messina, worked on basketball for years before moving on to women’s football which considers, aside from playing, the most beautiful sport in the world, a “magnetic element of aggregation, participation, sharing and humanity”. She is married and has three children. I wanted to be Maradona is her debut in children’s fiction. For her, Mondadori published The Dictatorship of Winter in 2015. And now Dormi published with Arkadia editore is her latest publication