The metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria illustrated the innovations introduced by the new Regulation for water supply concessions


By John

The innovations introduced by the new Regulation for water supply concessions of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria were at the center of a new seminar, promoted by the Institution and Svi.Pro.Re and held at Palazzo Alvaro. The meeting was held in collaboration with the professional orders of Engineers, Architects, Geologists and Agronomists of the province of Reggio Calabria and recorded the presence of the metropolitan councilor delegated for the Environment, Salvatore Fudaof the manager of the Land Protection and Environment sector, Sunday Catalfamoof the sole director of Svi.Pro.Re. Michele Rizzo as well as the head of the Soil Defense service, Antonino Siclari.

The respective presidents of the professional associations involved also took part in the debate: Francesco Foti, Ilario Tassone, Giulio Giovine And Antonino Sgrò. The previous regulation, dating back to 2009, was updated and replaced in October 2023, with the approval of the new regulation by the Metropolitan Council on water supplies.

The current one therefore applies to the procedures for the concession of state water assets attributed to the competence of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria (still awaiting the official delegations of the Calabria Region pursuant to the now ex LR 12 August 2002 n°34, concerning the “Reorganization of regional and local administrative functions”). The need for the regulation change, it was said during the seminar, arises from a long and meticulous activity of reorganization and updating of all the Regulations of the body responsible for Sector 12.

Environmental legislation is dynamic and is subject to continuous changes in response to new environmental challenges, scientific discoveries and societal needs. Its implementation is essential to promote sustainable development and mitigate negative impacts on the environment.

The update of the Regulations for Water Supply Concessions was necessary because the matter had remained unchanged since 2009, therefore over 14 years, in which regulatory and legislative changes have been multiple and significant at both a national and regional level. Regulations regarding water supply, water resource management, environmental protection or other relevant aspects do not need an obsolete regulation which is certainly not aligned with the new regulatory provisions.

“This regulation – said the delegated councilor Salvatore Fuda – provides the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria with a further important working tool, which specifies the conditions under which water supplies and the withdrawal of water from the subsoil are possible, both for agricultural and for other activities for which the use of water is necessary. Water is the common good par excellence and we have the duty to work to preserve it and guarantee access to it for future generations. The metropolitan city with its structures is concretely demonstrating that it is implementing the political direction aimed at protecting the environment with a view to guaranteeing sustainable development. We have given certain rules and we will continue to focus on the fight against abusive withdrawals through the commitment of our Metropolitan Police”.