The Ministry of the Interior signs the “Save Vibo” decree. Limardo: “Historic day for the future of our city”


By John

“Today is a historic day for our city. It is for this administration, it is for all those who believed in it from the beginning. The greatest thanks go to this council, to this majority, to the parties, to this entire coalition for having definitively removed the clouds of a disruption that today, cards in hand, it no longer makes sense to even evoke.” The satisfaction of the mayor of Vibo Valentia is palpable, Maria Limardowho announced the event during the press conference called this morning signing of the decree with which the Ministry of the Interior establishes the extraordinary measures for the recovery of the municipal budget. A measure already renamed “save Vibo” because in fact, “after years of work, tribulations, worry, “pilgrimages” to Rome and a burdensome political responsibility assumed by this majority, it places the city in a position to finally have a healed budget”.

As explained by the mayor himself – on the occasion supported by the representatives of all the majority groups, the councillors, the managers and the general secretary, to whom was also added the regional councilor of Forza Italia Michele Comito – the ministerial decree, which it effectively incorporates all those measures already foreseen by the Pact signed with the government, it puts the seal on the recovery path which over the years will allow the elimination of the administration deficit, amounting, according to the latest approved final balance, to approximately 31 million euros.

“Today’s decree is a fundamental step, the last piece of a puzzle that we began to build in 2019, which we have carried forward with highly incisive measures and also considered as such by higher bodies such as the Court of Auditors, and which has allowed us to be in a position to sign the Pact with the government, together with just 11 other Municipalities throughout Italy, thanks to which we have obtained the possibility of planning the budget recovery with extra-ordinary deadlines and tools, without which we cannot do it we could have done. If this was possible, the credit undoubtedly goes to this council majority, which has always supported the path traced primarily by the budget councilor Maria Teresa Nardo, whom I will never cease to thank. But I owe heartfelt thanks, because without your guidance in Rome we would not have made progress, I owe it to the Hon. Giuseppe Mangialavori. And I can only thank another crucial figure in all of this, Undersecretary Wanda Ferro. I feel like saying that this is the best Christmas gift that this administration could give to the city.”

The advantages for citizens will be seen to the extent that the administration will be able to count on a budget that will no longer have the sole purpose of setting aside resources to cover the deficit but will finally be able to invest in the growth and development of citizen services, not least, in future projection, the possibility of starting to evaluate the hypothesis of decreasing tax rates.

But today the mayor gave another important piece of news: “As communicated to me this morning by the Hon. Labor eaters, the Chamber has just approved an article of the next budget law thanks to which 50 million euros will be allocated annually for 10 years, from 2024 to 2033, to be distributed among the 12 Municipalities that signed the Pact with the government. Therefore, partly, according to criteria that will be established, Vibo Valentia will benefit from a considerable state transfer for the next 10 years”.

As mentioned, the meeting with journalists was also attended by regional councilor Michele Comito, group leader of FI in the regional council, who highlighted a political aspect: “If a citizen calmly analyzes, without preconceptions, the work and results of this municipal administration, can only take note of the great work done and the goals achieved, sometimes even with unpopular measures but which today are amply repaid”.

In closing, the FI group leader in the city council, Nico Console, wanted to underline “the action implemented by the administration, which has always been able to make use of the convinced and decisive support of the Hon. Mangialavori, and which was supported by a group determined to pursue every path that led to the overall growth of the city”.