The Municipality of Reggio Calabria is preparing for the new Pn Metro Plus programming 2021-2027


By John

The Municipality of Reggio Calabria is working on the new Pn Metro Plus 2021-2027 programming. While the expenditure of the funds foreseen by the Pon Metro 2014-2020 is being finalized, which as per the national timetable will close by the month of December, the administrative team led by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà has already activated the planning phase of the new financing line intended for the capital municipalities of the Metropolitan Cities.

An operational meeting held at Palazzo San Giorgio launched the activities for the preparation of the new investment program that the Municipality of Reggio Calabria will manage in the coming years for the development of innovative services and infrastructures. Together with the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, the Deputy Mayor was present Paolo Brunettiand the delegated councilors Giuseppe Giordano And Carmelo Romeothe General Director of the Institution Demetrio Barrecathe Manager Carmen Stracuzza and the responsible official Tommaso Cotronei.

The new program, starting from 2024, provides for an evolution and un expansion of its action compared to the previous programminginvolving innovative areas of intervention closely related to territorial development such as urban regeneration actions, the fight against socio-economic and housing hardship in the suburbs, green mobility, social inclusion and innovation projects, access to employment, nature interventions environmental and circular economy, energy saving of buildings and infrastructures, innovative offer of digital services, promotion of social development also through culture, natural heritage, sustainable tourism and safety.

The first discussion on the topic, as regards the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, opened the doors to one study and research phase on the objectives and targets for the implementation of the new Metro Plus PN, in continuity with the spending programs already implemented with the previous Pon Metro, but according to an innovative logic that will propose a new strategic vision of city development. Among the objectives already indicated are that of supporting employment and training of young people for professional inclusion, the theme of digitalisation, the removal of architectural barriers, public residential construction, mobility, the management of shared spaces, of the pedestrian areas and the parking system, the energy transition and the implementation of the city circuit for waste management and separate collection.

“Aspects – explained Mayor Falcomatà – which contribute to generating an idea of ​​a more modern, more welcoming city, which regulates its services, infrastructures, spaces and common goods, measuring them on the expectations of the community and the vocation of the context urban. Naturally it will be a participatory process, which will start from listening to the territory and from valorising the good practices that are already being implemented in other metropolitan cities, with which we continue to maintain profitable relationships, and on governance models based on the positive experiences of the other European metropolises”.

“The new programming is a new structural opportunity that we will use to continue the development path already started, in line with objectives that go well beyond the political cycles of mandate and that look to the Reggio of the future. In this sense we want to be ambitious, coordinating the our idea of ​​development in coherence with the objectives identified by the Masterplan for Reggio Calabria which has already started its participatory meetings. In recent years we have had the opportunity to deal with urban authorities who plan their development between now and the next decades. This is the challenge for Reggio: get out of the emergency logic and think of a vision for the long-term development of the territory”.