US military plane crashes in the Mediterranean, 5 dead


By John

Five active-duty US troops were killed when a military plane crashed in the Mediterranean during an exercise, the US European Command (EUCOM) announced.
EUCOM did not specify the type of plane or where it was flying from, but the United States has deployed a carrier strike group to the area as part of efforts to prevent the war between Israel and Hamas from escalating into a conflict. regional. «During a routine aerial refueling mission as part of military training, a U.S. military aircraft carrying five service members crashed and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. All five service members on board the aircraft were killed,” EUCOM said in a statement about the Nov. 10 crash.
Washington provided rapid military support to Israel and strengthened its forces in the region – including with the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford and other warships. US forces in the region have suffered a surge in attacks related to the conflict in recent weeks and have been targeted more than 40 times since mid-October, leaving dozens of US personnel with minor injuries.
Washington has blamed Tehran-backed militias for the violence and carried out three attacks on Iran-linked sites in Syria, two on October 26 and one on Wednesday.