Messina, Giulio Decembrini pianist of the musical Fame


By John

A new important milestone for the musician and composer from Messina Giulio Decembrini, chosen as the official pianist and keyboardist of “Fame Saranno Famosi”, the musical produced by Fabrizio di Fiore Entertainement, directed by Luciano Cannito that together with Fabrizio Prolli he also signs the choreographies. A long tour will see the talented 25-year-old from Messina busy – fresh from the success of the show “Arendelle – the princesses of the ice kingdom”, inspired by the film version of Frozen, at the Orione theater in Palermo – until May on the most important Italian stages; it starts tomorrow evening at the Alfieri theater in Turin, until January 28th. The musical which is inspired by one of the most famous TV series of all time, “Saranno Famosi”, which later became a film and a theater piece, tells the story of the lives of the students and teachers of the renowned and exclusive Performing Arts school in New York: a group of girls and boys, their passion and dedication for the world of entertainment, a story that continues to conquer and excite new generations of audiences, inspiring myriads of young talents.

The singer puts it on stage Barbara Colathe choreographer Garrison Rochelle and the dancers Stefano Bontempi And Lorenzo Mario (formerly showgirl of Bagaglino); with them the Roma City Musical company – formed among others by artists who have confirmed in their career a strong bond with the public thanks to their talent and versatility – which in addition to proposing the very famous song “Fame” winner of an Academy Award, has a soundtrack with original songs, modern orchestrations, new choreographies in collaboration with a team of talents from Italian TV and musical theatre. “Explaining what I feel at the moment is difficult: I can only say thanks to those who made me understand what I wanted to do in life, to those who support me and to those who encourage me, if I am who I am it is also thanks to you” writes Decembrini on his page Facebook, putting friend and teacher at the top of the tag list Ivan Lazzara, vocal trainer of the show and musical director of the Art Village in Rome, an important artistic training center where the young man teaches piano. Giulio then reassured everyone that this new and important experience will not distract him from all the commitments that he continues to carry out.

Decembrini obtained a second level academic diploma in piano at the “Arcangelo Corelli” conservatory in 2023 with top marks and an honorable mention, but his eclectic personality pushed him to study various instruments and genres, from pop to jazz , from gospel to soul, but also arranging, conducting, composing and singing. A love story with music that began when he was six years old, linked to the great sensitivity that shone through that often shy character, always supported by mother Luisa and father Franco. Giulio today also dedicates himself to teaching classical and modern piano and singing. Among the most important experiences that have seen him engaged for years is that within Sasà Neri’s “La Luna Obliqua” company as musical artistic director, with which he recently achieved great success in the musicals “The true story of Mulan” and “As I Wish – The Little Mermaid”.