The Poohs bewitch Piazza Duomo in Messina: fifteen thousand people attend the concert. Also from Liguria and Tuscany PHOTOS


By John

Fifteen thousand people attend the Pooh concert in Piazza Duomo. The band that made entire generations dream and sing is warming up the Messina winter with its immortal music. Numerous tributes to Stefano D’Orazio from the public. “It was a beautiful year, we like this land which has always loved Pooh like no other region.” It is a true declaration of love for Sicily that Pooh made during the concert that lit up Piazza Duomo, making many people who attended the event promoted by the municipal administration as part of the Christmas poster “Imagine Messina” sing and dance ”. A crescendo of emotions and music, a show full of colors and plays of light in which Red Canzian, Roby Facchinetti, Dodici Battaglia and Riccardo Fogli were great performers.

The first Pooh fans had arrived around 7.30. Under the stage so as not to miss anything of the Pooh concert. There are those who come from Genoa and Tuscany and obviously from Calabria and all of Sicily. There are those who have seen over one hundred Pooh concerts and those who want to experience this emotion with parents who grew up with Pooh. About forty fans were already in Piazza Duomo this morning and also witnessed the astronomical clock show. A concert in the wake of the emotions of indelible songs. And in the end it’s a party for everyone, including the Sicilian promoter Carmelo Costa celebrated first in the dressing rooms or then on stage for his 233 concerts with Pooh in Sicily.