The president of Anci Calabria meets the “Committee for the stabilization of technicians in the South”: «Fundamental personnel for their strategic role in carrying out the Pnrr»


By John

The President of ANCI Calabria Rosaria Succurro met, in the Council Room of the Province of Cosenza, a representative of the “Committee for the stabilization of technicians in the South”, hired on a fixed-term basis in the Southern Local Authorities for the management of the PNRR following the passing of the competitions announced by the Agency Cohesion.
Strong concern was expressed by professionals through the Secretary of the Committee, Avv. Gianfranco Scarpelli, who drew President Succurro’s attention to the delicate position and fate of these professionals on whom «looms the specter of losing their jobs at the end of the 36-month fixed-term contract, aggravated by the Government’s intention to announce a new photocopy competition with which 2,200 new permanent resources will be selected, with the same profiles, again for the Southern regions”.
As President of ANCI Calabria, Mayor and President of the Province, Rosaria Succurro declared that she knows the characteristics and peculiarities of these technicians «fundamental in the Bodies for their strategic role in carrying out the PNRR».
President Succurro therefore committed to speaking with Minister Fitto regarding the problem of the stabilization of this personnel, because «it would be a mistake not to consider the wealth of experience already acquired by these experts, whose contribution is of fundamental importance not only for the correct management of PNRR projects but in general for the strengthening of the administrative capacities of southern local authorities. It is not a question of wanting to implement a deminutio towards the new personnel to be recruited, but certainly we cannot do without resources who have been trained in the field and who continue to give the best of their abilities”.
A commitment that ANCI Calabria will carry to the end, aware of the role in which it is called in this matter «which involves the entire public system of Calabrian local authorities, which could not directly deal with the complexities of the PNRR, for which we will strongly ask that the stabilization of all technicians already in service in the institutions to which they belong is taken into serious consideration”.