Hamas: “Little Kfir with his little brother Ariel and his mother were killed. They died in a bombing”

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Little Kfir Bibas, who became one of the symbols of the drama of the Israeli hostages in the hands of Hamas, died with his mother and brother in a bombing. The news was given by the al Qassam Brigades. The armed wing of Hamas announced the death of the three hostages of the Argentine-Israeli Bibas family – Kfir, 10 months old; his brother Ariel, 4, and mother Shiri Silverman – due to “previous bombings” by the Israeli army on Gaza. “Three detained Zionists died as a result of previous bombings in the Gaza Strip,” reads a note from the Brigades.

Israel, at least 161 hostages still in Gaza

Israel believes at least 161 hostages taken on October 7 are still in Gaza. CNN reports this, citing Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office. Among these, 146 are Israelis (some of whom have dual nationality), 15 foreigners and at least four are minors under 18, while at least 10 people over 75 appear on the list. A total of 86 hostages have been released so far (including 66 Israelis): 60 Israelis under the agreement with Hamas, some of whom have dual nationality, 20 foreigners and 4 women released before the agreement. The remains of two abductees who were killed were located by IDF soldiers.

Media, still no agreement on truce extension

A Palestinian official said that despite the desire of both sides to extend the truce, no agreement had yet been reached. Reuters reports it on its website. Negotiations with mediators Egypt and Qatar are still ongoing, the official said.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office declined to comment to Reuters on the status of the talks, but noted that 50 more Palestinian detainees were added on Tuesday to a list cleared for release if a new exchange is agreed.

Among the 30 Palestinian prisoners released yesterday from Israeli prisons there is also Nurhan Awad, a girl who in 2016 was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison on charges of attempting to attack a soldier with a pair of scissors a year before, when he was 15 years old. “An exceptionally disproportionate sentence”, denounces Budour Hassan of Amnesty International speaking on BBC Radio4’s Today programme. During her arrest, Israeli forces shot and wounded Nurhan and killed her 14-year-old cousin. Nurhan studied for her high school exams while in prison, and was supported by other inmates, including political activists. The first thing she did after being freed was visit her cousin’s grave, she says.

Media, Israeli police evict hostages’ families in front of the Knesset

This morning the Israeli police evicted the families of the hostages still in the hands of Hamas who have been demonstrating in front of the Knesset since 7 October. The Israeli media reported it. “Even during the war – claims the Israeli police – we work to guarantee freedom of expression and protest within the limits of the law. In addition to this, we will not allow there to be disturbances and damage to the freedom of movement of elected parliamentarians towards the workplace This morning a woman was arrested in Jerusalem after actually blocking, and encouraging others to block, the access road to the Knesset.” According to the family, as reported by Ynet, the police took a sign from Yael Alon, who lost her son on October 7 and his father during the Yom Kippur War. Police also took a protest sign from Yaakov Godo, whose son Tom was murdered on Kibbutz Kissuf.

The son of a freed hostage: ‘No assistance to my mother in Gaza’

“My mother did not receive any medical assistance during all the days of captivity.” Gideon Heiman, son of Ditza, the 84-year-old lady from Kibbutz Nir Oz released yesterday by Hamas in the hostage exchange, told Military Radio, adding that his mother was kept in such bad conditions that not even a young person could survive “nor physically or mentally.”

Hamas will release hostages with Russian passports today

Today hostages with Russian citizenship will be released. Senior Hamas official Musa Abu-Marzouk said this, quoting from Ynet, underlining that the release takes place “as a sign of appreciation for President Putin’s laudable positions”. These hostages – added Ynet – are not part of the agreement between Israel and the Islamic faction.

Media, “For Hamas release of soldiers only with a permanent ceasefire”

Hamas links negotiations for the release of captured Israeli soldiers to a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the Egyptian TV channel Al-Qahera reported. According to the broadcaster, Hamas confirmed that the “conditions for the release of Israeli troops will be different” to the agreement for the release of civilian hostages. In particular, according to Egyptian TV, negotiations on this issue will include discussions on the “end of hostilities and the lifting of the blockade” from the Gaza Strip.

A source confirms, ‘Hamas proposes to extend the truce by 4 days’

A source close to Hamas has announced that the Palestinian armed movement intends to propose four additional days to the ongoing truce, saying it is willing to release more hostages in exchange for Palestinian detainees. “Hamas informed the mediators that it is willing to extend the truce and that the movement would be able to release Israeli prisoners that it, other resistance movements and other parties are holding at this time, based on the terms of the ongoing truce,” the source told AFP.

The 17 freed Thai hostages will be repatriated tomorrow

The 17 Thai hostages kidnapped by Hamas on 7 October and released in recent days after being detained for weeks in Gaza, will all be repatriated to Thailand tomorrow: the Foreign Ministry in Bangkok announced it. However, among the hostages still in the hands of Hamas there are 13 other Thai citizens, Bangkok reports. The 17 freed hostages will fly to their country in the company of the Foreign Minister, Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara, who has been in Israel since Monday and will land in Bangkok mid-day tomorrow.