The recipe for Reggio: «Sea, environment and tourism to make the city competitive»


By John

«The Municipality looks to the Greece-Italy area at the center of community attention with regards to the challenges of the environment, climate warming, innovation and inclusion». The Councilor of the European and Resilient City, Carmelo Romeo, gives news that the council led by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, in the first settlement session held at Palazzo San Giorgio, he also gave the OK to participate in the Interreg VI-A Greece-Italy 2021-27 Program which finances joint projects between Italian and Greek entities, focusing on green and digital growth and exploiting the opportunities of the blue economy.
«In particular – we read in the note – the Administration intended to present five project proposals, as leader or partner, which respond to the priorities and objectives set by the Program and which, in the event that participation in the call goes if successful, they will be financed with community resources.”