Panic in Gaza, shooting in a parish: at least two dead


By John

The Latin parish of Gaza has been under attack for a couple of hours. The snipers shot and there are currently two dead and five injured. This is what sources from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem report, making it known that last night an Israeli tank had fired towards the house of Mother Teresa’s nuns. The generator was destroyed and caught fire causing serious damage. A nun was injured in the leg. Now “the entire Holy Family complex is surrounded” and “military operations are very close”, the same sources report.

“These are moments of panic in the parish of Gaza, they are attacking the compound and the fear, especially among the children and the elderly, is incredible. Everyone is on the ground for fear of being hit.” This is the excited information coming from the Catholic parish of Gaza, the Holy Family, where around 600 people have been taking refuge for two months. According to the same sources, snipers shoot anyone who moves inside the parish, a compound of several buildings. The two dead were apparently two women, mother and daughter, who had moved from the church to reach the bathrooms. Information arrives piecemeal because the connection is intermittent.