The speed cameras of the 106 Cosenza are now not scary: seized


By John

The seizures carried out in recent days by the judicial police of the Cosenza Highway also affected a part of the speed cameras mounted on the Statale 106 bis and ter. Including those between Sibari and Rocca Imperiale in a northerly direction and a southerly direction towards Corigliano-Rossano. The traffic police of Cosenza acted for specific regulatory competence at the end of a complex activity of investigations and verifications, proceeded, on its own initiative, to carry out the seizure of the automatic speed detection systems. It is not yet clear in which municipalities the measure is effective, it certainly concerned the Province of Cosenza on the border between the hamlet of Lattughelle and Cantinella di Corigliano-Rossano and falling within the countryside of the latter municipality, those of Roseto and of Villapiana. While those of Cassano, present on Statale 534 are currently exempt from the stop. Specifically, the Traffic Police seized a system called Scout Speed, a system installed on board a Fiat Punto car owned by a private company rented by the latter to various municipalities in the hinterland used for the dynamic detection of exceeding the speed limits with deferred contest mode. Subsequently, speed meters called T-Exspeed V.2.0 were seized with fixed locations for detecting both average and punctual speed, located along numerous arteries in the territory of the province of Cosenza. The crime assumed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Cosenza is that of fraud and is contested against the legal representative of the contractor company. All of this was deemed necessary in order to ascertain the legitimacy of these systems, owned by private companies which are rented out to local authorities and for which discrepancies regarding the approval of the systems were found.