The Times quotes Liliana Segre: the premiership “echoes Mussolini”. The criticism of Giorgia Meloni on the majority bonus


By John

Questions about the constitutional reform program of Giorgia Meloni's government are bouncing around today in an article in the British Times, the newspaper of the Murdoch group which in the past also published a portrait of the Italian Prime Minister in predominantly positive colours. The article – a political news report for the paper edition signed by the newspaper's correspondent in Rome, Tom Kington – mentions, without openly making them his own, the reservations about the premiership advanced by life senator Liliana Segre, also referred to in the title: “Meloni's reform plan 'echoes Mussolini'”.

Kington explains for her part how the prime minister has “plans to review the Constitution to give more powers to future Italian leaders”, being convinced that “the current system leaves prime ministers at the mercy of party conspiracies”.

However, then he gives space to the parallel drawn by Senator Segre between the majority bonus currently proposed and that of the “law introduced by Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator, to give himself more power”: the Acerbo law of 1923: premise of the subsequent closure «of everything the parliament”. According to Liliana Segre, the Times underlines again, quoting the quote, the proposal put on the table by the government on the majority bonus aims to “create a majority at any cost” for the benefit of the prime minister, “distorting the free choice of voters beyond all reasonable limits ».