Titanic's raft that didn't save Leonardo DiCaprio in “Titanic” sold at auction


By John

The clothes worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic went up for auction, along with the iconic raft from the film, thanks to which Rose was saved from the shipwreck, which was auctioned for 718,750 dollars.

For years, fans of the film James Cameron have been discussing on the web why the character of Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, had not climbed onto that piece of wood with Kate Winslet instead of dying tragically in the icy waters of the Atlantic, breaking their hearts. to millions of people around the world.

Discussions were so heated that after 25 years even the director of the blockbuster intervened, explaining that Jack “had to die because Titanic is like 'Romeo and Juliet: a story of love and sacrifice'”.