Tonight on Rtp “Scirocco” returns, we will talk about the Bridge with the CEO of the Strait of Messina Pietro Ciucci


By John

Pietro Ciucci, CEO of the Strait of Messina, will be one of the protagonists of the episode of “Scirocco” which will be broadcast this evening on Rtp at 8.30pm. Emilio Pintaldi, host of the talk and Sebastiano Caspanello, journalist from the Gazzetta del Sud, will subject him to a barrage of questions.

But in the broadcast we will talk about the future of the city seen from the eyes of the 100 students who participated in the project activated by the Order of Engineers and the Superintendency. Two closely related topics. Mayor Federico Basile in the studiothe engineer Cavallaro and the principal of Nautico Caio Duilio, Daniela Pistorino.