Tragedy in Basilicata, she loses control of the car and overturns: a 60-year-old woman from Laino Borgo dies


By John

A sixty-year-old woman from Laino Borgo in the province of Cosenza, driving her vehicle, died instantly in a road accident which occurred on state road nineteen in Lauria (Potenza)a few steps from the old station.

The lady was driving the car when, according to an initial reconstruction, she was struck by a sudden illness which caused her to lose control of the vehicle. The car would have ended up off the road and overturned. For this reason, the intervention of the firefighters was necessary who extracted the woman’s body from the sheets of metal. Together with her on the passenger side of her there was a 65 year old man, transported under yellow code to the hospital in Lagonegro (Potenza). The Carabinieri and police also intervened on site