Trainees from Calabria, the unions ask for government intervention and involve the ANCI


By John

The long winter of mobilizations of trainees, organized by Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl, Uil Temp and Usb Fds, has brought to the fore of public opinion and regional and national politics for months, one of the most important disputes for the world of work in Calabria with more than 4,000 workers involved, distributed across approximately 450 public administrations.

After approvalof the amendment to the Milleproroghe Legislative Decreewhich accepts the regulatory exemptions so that the entities can proceed with hiring, a discussion in the territories followed between the four trade unions and the workers to give full awareness not only of what has been achieved but also of the difficult path of what still needs to be achieved in order to truly overcome the training internship phase and arrive at a real and protected job. Lacks,Indeed,the economic partthat is financial endowment estimated at approximately 60 million euros per yearso that the bodies, in particular the Municipalities – notoriously in serious financial difficulties – can proceed to implement the regulation which, otherwise, risks remaining a dead letter.

Therefore, in evaluating the lack of ability of the majority of municipal bodies to translate the rules into jobs due to their economic-financial situation, we reiterate that the only solution to guarantee a contract for all interns is a intervention by the government with the recognition of a contribution which may be accompanied by other resources from the Calabria Region.

On this side, therefore, Nidil Cgil, Felsa Cisl, Uil Temp and Usb Fdsthey will propose againthe industrial action against Anci Calabria, in the person of the president Rosaria Succurro, of which we could appreciate a collaborative spirit, missing in previous managements. The next few months will therefore be important also in light of the regulatory provisions that will be presented to Parliament and which will effectively have to make the newly approved rule accessible to all user bodies to allow words to be transformed into actions. We continue to think, in fact, that in a dispute that involves such a large number of Calabrian families we cannot think of either moving forward just for electoral purposes or even easy passing the buck. All stakeholders involved at national and regional level, together with the social partners, must row in the same direction. We will remind everyone of their responsibilities also through street mobilizations that we will decide together with the workers.