Tropea awaits the “verdict” of the Council of Ministers, while politics moves under the radar


By John

Yesterday everyone was holding their breath. The echo of the convocation of the meeting of the Council of Ministers at Palazzo Chigi quickly spread. It had been called for the afternoon and since there was no agenda listed, the idea had arisen among the people of Tropea that the Pearl of the Tirreno “case” could be on the agenda. In fact, tension is now growing and the community is waiting to know the “verdict”, also to understand the new scenarios that could arise. A verdict which, however, was not reached in the evening, as it was not among the points addressed by the Council of Ministers. In short, we still have to wait.
The extension requested by the Commission for access to documents officially ends today, but from rumors that have begun to circulate in the streets of the village, the report seems to have been delivered to the Interior Ministry for some time now. Apparently, in fact, the vice prefect Roberto Micucci, the deputy head of the Flying Squad of Vibo, Ludovico Tuoni and the Major of the Financial Police Carlo Alberto Zscopio had now clear ideas: the picture that emerged was self-evident, to the point of reporting the Prefect prematurely , Paolo Giovanni Grieco and thus activate the process that will lead to an incontrovertible decision for the Council of Palazzo Sant'Anna. In all this turmoil, meanwhile, politics seems “dormant” and, apart from the in pectore or “unofficial” candidates, others are operating under the radar, certainly awaiting the outcome of the Anti-Mafia Commission. They prefer to remain silent in order to express themselves with still words.
Except the candidate Massimo Cono Pietropaolo who makes his voice heard: «I ask for the mayor's resignation before any outcome of the verification of the access commission» gets straight to the point.