Inter champion, the report cards of the season: Lautaro 10, Thuram 9, Calhanoglu 8.5


By John

The report cards of an extraordinary season.

They almost gave him the obligation to win the championship and he doesn't miss a beat to achieve his goal, sometimes even sacrificing something in the Champions League. His Inter not only wins, like many others before his, but he also plays good football: two things that don't always go hand in hand.
Replacing Onana wasn't easy. However, the Swiss managed to do so by giving serenity to the entire department, almost never overdoing it but guaranteeing security for his teammates.
From relegation with Sampdoria to the Scudetto with Inter. Called into action twice in the matches against Lecce and Empoli, he emerged without conceding a goal.
When there is a championship to be won, the little soldier is also present in the offensive zone. As in the year of the tricolor with Conte, in fact, he had a hand on important occasions against Atalanta and Napoli.
The Juan Jesus case marked the last part of the season, in a year in which he still guaranteed a high performance, even scoring three goals, with the one in the derby worth the championship.
At times we saw the defender at the top of Conte's years, without making us regret Acerbi (like last year) when he was called into action.
He is now among the world's top players in the role. Runs, closures, but above all very high performance when it comes to attacking between assists and goals. With the pearl of the goal from midfield against Frosinone, as well as the three-point one in Empoli.
Less devastating than usual, so much so that he lost (also due to some injuries) his starting place in favor of Darmian on the right wing.
It took him a while to get into Inzaghi's mechanisms, but when he did, he never left the pitch, with an impact on all sides of the pitch. Not a surprise, considering the level of the player.
Limiting him to the role of defender is now almost offensive. Play “hidden” in Inter's system, he increasingly acts as a finisher even with heavy assists.
The winger capable of burning the flank seen in Monza was not repeated in the Nerazzurri, mainly due to his limited playing time. But, at Darmian, he always responded by being present.
Having arrived in the summer quietly and with some doubts, right from his first outings he showed that he had the skills to be able to wear the Nerazzurri shirt. Even taking advantage of a couple of heavy goals against Lecce and Bologna.
The symbol of his season is not the brace in the first leg of the derby or one of the many assists he provided to his teammates, but the 60-metre run to close out a slide on Thauvin to make it 1-1 in Udine. The identity card says 35 years old, but Inzaghi never deprives himself of it if he can and it's no coincidence.
He closed his second career season in double figures in the league in his second year as a director. Infallible from the spot (and it's not as simple as it seems), he gives away geometries and distributes chocolates with his velvety right foot.
The first few months were under pace and subdued (also due to off-field problems), but then he started to rev up the engine again and proved he was one of the top midfielders in Europe. The captain's armband, worn more and more often and for the first time also in the national team, makes him responsible and he responds presently.
He was probably the first to expect greater employment. But his minutes on the pitch count, they don't add up: he scored in the first leg of the derby, then scored against Verona and Udinese to give Inter the three points again in added time. A final ruling, a sense of Inzaghi's goal (but Filippo's, in this case).
Inzaghi trusts more and the Albanian director repays the trust with consistently solid performances, scoring among other things the first goal for the Nerazzurri in the delicate match against Genoa.
“Champions are like this,” he said after the decisive goal against Juventus in the 2021 Italian Super Cup. And in fact his season belongs to those who have the shots of champions: first half insufficient, last months top-notch, managing to fill some gaps by Thuram and Lautaro.
He had to be the experienced striker capable of resting the starters especially in the championship, considering that he came from two positive years at Bologna. Instead, thanks also to injuries, he was unable to have any impact.
Having arrived on tiptoe, after just a few days San Siro was at his feet thanks to the stunning goal in the derby. If Lukaku is now forgotten it is thanks to the Frenchman, who among other things scores in the face of the former Nerazzurri player now at Roma in both the first leg and the second leg. Goals, assists, dribbling and plays like a champion, all on a free transfer.
The season of consecration as a bomber and also as a dragger. Until February he was in the running to beat the goalscoring record of Immobile and Higuain, then he had a slight decline but it didn't matter, because the Argentine lifted his first championship as captain after a year in which he demonstrated that he knows how to see the goal like few others others in the world. All without practically taking penalties, perhaps his only weak point. On the other hand, even when he doesn't score he gives the shout of someone who knows he has to be an example for his teammates: thus he managed to transform the tears after Milan's Scudetto in 2021/22 into the celebration for the second star. – Di Gennario, Cuadrado, Sensi, Buchanan and Klaassen sv