Truck suspended on the bridge, spectacular rescue of the woman who was driving the truck


By John

A truck teetering from the bridge, a firefighter being lowered from above and able to save the woman who was driving the truck. The images of the spectacular and dramatic rescue that took place in Louisville, Kentucky, have gone viral in the American media.

The accident happened shortly after midday, when a truck that was crossing the Clark Memorial Bridge skidded, ending up breaking through a side barrier. The heavy vehicle remained hovering tens of meters from the Ohio River. Rescue services began after a few minutes. A firefighter managed to catch the woman and take her away with him, towed by a cable lowered from a fire engine.

The two remained suspended in the air, under the eyes of dozens of people and the cameras of the local media. In the end the operation was completed successfully. The woman was taken to hospital but she is not in serious condition. Two other motorists involved in the accident were rescued, but their lives are not in danger.