Two new scholastic autonomies to the province of Cosenza, Papasso: one is granted to Zanotti-Bianco of Sibari


By John

«Following the possibility recognized to the Calabria Region by the Milleproroghe decree to activate an additional number of seven school autonomies, derogating up to 2.5% compared to the places assigned by the previous interministerial decree number 127 of 2023, I formally request that the scholastic autonomy of the Istituto Comprensivo Zanotti-Bianco di Sibari in the municipality of Cassano be recognised”.

This is how the letter sent by the mayor’s secretariat begins Giovanni Papassosigned by the mayor himself, and sent to the President of the Province of Cosenza, Rosaria Succurroto the offices of the Province, to the Vice President of the Region, Giusi Princi, athe Regional School Office and the Provincial School Office in the territorial area of ​​Cosenza.

With a previous resolution of the municipal council (number 264 of 09/07/2023), a proposal for an organization plan for the network of municipal school institutions was approved by virtue of the regulatory innovations on the subject brought about by law number 197 of 29 December 2022 which provided for , for the three-year period 2024/25 2025/26 2026/2027, the merging of the comprehensive institutes present in the municipal area, in particular: the Troccoli Comprehensive Institute, the Lanza-Milani Comprehensive Institute and the Zanotti-Bianco Comprehensive Institute with a total number of students equal to 1514.

However, considering the latest legislative innovations contained in the Milleproproghe decree, which recognize 7 new autonomies for the Calabria Region and in particular for the province of Cosenza, the possibility of activating 2 further autonomies, in order to limit overcrowding and to have oversized schools , it would be essential to recognize the scholastic autonomy of the Zanotti-Bianco Institute.

«It is worth remembering – underlines Papasso’s letter – that the Municipality of Cassano All’ionio has a very vast and fragmented territorial extension of approximately 154.4 square km» which is spread over four inhabited centres: Cassano All’Ionio, Sibari, Lauropoli and Doria, to which are added numerous districts and rural localities that are not well connected and which are located right in the hamlet of Sibari: Corsi, Lattughelle, Permuta, Laghi di Sibari, Marina di Sibari, and Bruscata. The latter are about twenty kilometers from the center of Cassano. The Zanotti-Bianco Institute has a number of pupils of 470. «With the acceptance of my request – he continues – the new structure would provide for the presence of two comprehensive institutes throughout the municipal territory. The Zanotti-Bianco comprehensive institute and the other comprehensive institute constituted in turn by the Troccoli Comprehensive Institute of Lauropoli with 602 pupils and the Lanza-Milani Comprehensive Institute of Cassano All’Ionio with 442 pupils, which would lead to having a single comprehensive institute with a total number of pupils equal to 1044″.

This is an act of justice as the municipality of Cassano All’Ionio in recent years has recorded the suppression of 3 school autonomies compared to the previous 5. «This request – concludes the letter – will be followed in the next few hours by a resolution of the municipal council to rectify the previous one. Acceptance would guarantee a better situation, since when it comes to school it is difficult to think exclusively about numbers, forgetting the pupils and students.”