“Ukraine will disappear from the world map”, Medvedev said


By John

Ukraine could disappear as a state from the world map following the ongoing conflict. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, in an article published on the aif.ru website on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia and Russia and reported by Tass. «It is already clear how it will end: Kiev will suffer a shameful defeat, just like the Georgian aggressors. The Ukrainian state, which was created artificially on the ruins of the Soviet Union, will probably disappear from the political map of the world,” Medvedev says.

“The Military Operation to Prevent Aggression”

Moscow – continues Medvedev – was forced to launch a military operation against Ukraine to prevent aggression by the West and the Kiev authorities. «It is known how the West and its Kiev puppets acted in the situation in Donbass. It was the same hypocrisy, the same tricks and the same hidden agenda. Preparations were gradually proceeding on all possible tracks for a large-scale act of aggression against Russia. Things were following the pattern that had been put in place in a mountainous and slightly warmer country than the Caucasus 15 years earlier,” Medvedev wrote referring to Georgia and South Ossetia. The former Russian president then stressed that, as regards the situation in Ukraine, “only with force was a fatal outcome avoided, because the talks had lost all meaning”. And in light of the lack of guarantees «that our enemy would not join the already overdeveloped military bloc, we clarified our position. We had to launch a military operation. There is a huge difference between trusting your partner and naivety. They failed to fool us,” Medvedev noted.