Cosenza, bad tile for Caserta: Martino ko, fracture of the malleolus for the full-back


By John

Bad news shook the rossoblù locker room yesterday: Pietro Martino suffered a fracture composed on the third malleolus during Saturday night’s match against Ascoli. The injury of the Modenese right-back was highlighted by the tests he underwent yesterday.
The player sustained the trauma to his left ankle during a game collision with an opponent. In these hours a guardian has been applied to him and his situation will continue to be monitored by the Sila medical staff. However, for Fabio Caserta it is a tile of several weeks. The right cursor, protagonist of a good match against the black and whites and several descents to the bottom, commented on the ko on social media: «I have a little stop. It didn’t take! In this start of the season so intense and exciting for the whole rossoblù environment. However, I’m already working to get back on the field as soon as possible. See you soon, Lupi », he wrote after Cosenza released a report clarifying his conditions.

At the moment, the rossoblù club does not seem willing to intervene to cover his absence. In the away match in Venice it will be Andrea Rispoli’s turn, who remained on the bench in the first round of the championship. Looking ahead, the Melito Porto coach Salvo should also count on Baldovino Cimino, one of the most interesting prospects who has just come out of the Bruzio youth sector and in whom Caserta has already shown confidence in these early stages of the season. Even the young Ionian footballer, however, today will undergo clinical investigations to have more explanations on the dislocation of his right shoulder remedied after an energetic intervention by Pedro Mendes against him in the final match of the “Marulla” last weekend.

Investigations also in sight for Salvatore Dario La Vardera, who has suffered from muscle fatigue in recent days. Cosenza instead let it be known that Andrea Meroni’s conditions – out with Ascoli due to a calf injury he accused during the warm-up – are improving.
Meanwhile, at yesterday afternoon’s open-door training session at the “Real Cosenza” sports centre, D’Orazio and his companions were cheered on by about 500 fans who once again intervened to make the group hear their voices. Today new afternoon session. In the meantime, sporting director Roberto Gemmi is working to add the icing to the cake in the transfer market. The rossoblù’s goal is to add a central striker with different characteristics than Gennaro Tutino. Conducted various polls but the decisive lunge should only take place in the next few days.