Unique city in Cosenza, the audition phase has concluded. But how much effort


By John

The process that leads, or should lead, to the birth of the single city of Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero, is in its final stages. But how much effort. The opinions collected so far, in fact, appear quite conflicting, between favorable and against. Had it been otherwise, the new municipality would have already seen the light.
The regional law proposal is being examined by the Institutional Affairs commission of the Citadel, which has been busy for months now bringing the ship to port, supported by the opinions of the political and trade union world, as well as student associations and representatives, also passing through the Ministry.
Yesterday’s hearing was, perhaps, the most significant from the point of view of the comparison between institutions, since the participants at the debate table were the prefectural commissioners of Rendethe president of the Province, Rosaria Succurro and the mayor of the Bruzio capital, Franz Carusowho had expressed, the latter, in a recent press conference preparatory to yesterday’s meeting, a very precise line with respect to the idea of ​​the single city, rejecting not so much the final objective, but the method used by the regional centre-right team , who appeared to the tenant of the Town Hall to be anti-democratic, “illiberal and – he said on that occasion – if you allow me even a little fascist”.
A term that met with clear distancing from the president of the same regional commission, Luciana De Francesco, which yesterday, however, went beyond the controversy, preferring to get to the heart of the issue. The meeting held in the presence of the members of the body (the commission includes the councilors Pierluigi Caputo, Pietro Molinaro and Giuseppe Mattiani), practically closes the first phase of the path which should lead to the date of February 2025, set as the final deadline so that the law is fulfilled through the launch of the new municipality comprising, in fact, the three municipalities of the urban area.