Unique city of Cosenza, the Democratic Party takes the field and announces a press conference


By John

Single city: on one side the Rendese citizen committee, on the other the Democratic Party with the provincial secretary and the regional councilors Bevacqua and Iacucci. In the middle is the regional government majority. Last Friday morning, the bill was filed at the offices of the Calabrian Regional Council which “aims to strengthen the role of the municipalities involved in a merger project”, they write in the meantime from Rende. This proposal, in fact, “provides that any referendum must be considered valid only if it were to be won in each municipality involved, exceeding the cumulative quorum”.
The role of the MunicipalitiesThe proposal to amend the regional law, in addition to being shared and promoted by the citizen committees of Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero and by the national association for mergers Fcnn, is supported by the Mayors and municipal administrations of Cosenza and Castrolibero, as well as stated and reiterated during the press conference last March 11th. «This proposed change is one of the main initiatives that we, as the citizens' committee of Rende, have undertaken in recent months. Initiatives that want to shout out opposition to a plan of power, wicked, totally anti-democratic, with methods worthy of the regimes of yesterday and today”, add Dal Campagnano. «Territories are humiliated, municipal administrations are bypassed and, above all, citizens' choices are ignored. It is precisely because of these shortcomings that the proposal to amend regional law 13/1983 comes from the bottom, and therefore from the citizens of the three municipalities involved.”

The invitation to share

For all this, they ask that the trade union, social and entrepreneurial forces, the world of associations, the academic and school world, all the subjects involved in the future destiny of our territories, join the Mayors, the Committees of the no to the proposal of fusion law. Meanwhile, the press conference will take place tomorrow, starting at 10.30 am, to illustrate to reporters the position that the Democratic Party will take in the Regional Council regarding the creation of the single municipality of the urban area. The group leader of the Democratic Party in the Regional Council Mimmo Bevacqua and the vice-president of the Regional Council Franco Iacucci will take part in the conference.