Over 17 quintals of “bianchetto” seized in Corigliano Rossano


By John

After the recent seizure of over half a ton of juvenile sardines, the intense commitment of the financiers of the Roan of Vibo Valentia continues to combat poaching and protect consumers. Last night, the soldiers of the Naval Operational Section of the Guardia di Finanza of Corigliano-Rossano, as part of the economic-financial police services aimed at combating poaching organized by the Aeronaval Operations Department of Vibo Valentia, subjected to seizure over 17 quintals of juvenile “sardina pilchardus”, better known by the name of “bianchetto”.

The coordinated contrast mechanism, implemented by the naval departments of the Guardia di Finanza present in Calabria, continues incessantly. The observation, tailing and patrolling services at sea have so far made it possible to catch several subjects red-handed who, from the shoreline and with pleasure boats, were intent on catching juvenile sardines in the waters along the coasts of the region. This phenomenon, in addition to causing potential damage to the marine habitat, due to failure to reproduce, can also constitute a serious danger to public health, since the illicitly caught product is released for consumption in the absence of any health and hygiene control.

The financiers who intervened, this time with the help of patrols positioned close to the “Strada Statale 106” in the municipality of Corigliano-Rossano, seized the large quantity of juvenile Sardinian fish which it would have brought in around 50 thousand euros on the black market.

The seized fish, after checking by the ASP veterinary surgeon, was even judged inedible and declared unfit for human consumption and, if placed on the market, in addition to the illicit gain, could have posed a serious health risk to consumers. The driver of the vehicle used for transport was administratively sanctioned.