Unpaid bill, Codacons reports WindTre for stalking


By John

«A complaint has been filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and with Agcom by Codacons against WindTre for a form ofaggressive and persecutory debt collection addressed by telephone to its customers”. Codacons wrote this in a note, explaining that on the basis of reports received, «it has ascertained six incoming calls in less than an hour on the mobile phone screen, all from the telephone company – or rather, from call centers connected to it – only to request payment of an overdue bill (moreover, not even with the intervention of a human operator but with a voice recorded on disk)”.
«It is not possible – claims Codacons – that towards customers, even in the case of negligible arrears, a similar pressure tool should be put in motioncapable of conveying the impression of real persecution on the unfortunate people who are forced to suffer it.”
“Now stop, It’s not really possible to bombard citizens with calls for an overdue bill» comments the president Carlo Rienzi. «With our complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office and to Agcom we want to say enough to this excessive power of telephone companies and their call centers: we absolutely must stop these procedures, which jeopardize the serenity and tranquility of people throughout Italy», he concludes .