Vibo, opening of the theater? No, “it was just a presentation”


By John

Much ado about nothing? No because it was only the day of the «presentation» and «not the inauguration». In short, new… “coup de théâtre”, because if the first step was announced on December 30th while waiting for the… premiere, in reality the deed still had to be written. A stasis, so to speak. Or, perhaps, just an introduction. Word of the vice mayor Pasquale Scalamogna who, while explaining that he was speaking in a “personal capacity”, intended to respond to the “detractors”. In this direction, Scalamogna retraces the process: from the commitment of the mayor Nicola D’Agostino” when he was manager to the contract “which led to the creation, in ten years, of the Theater presented to the city on 30 December 2023” .
And he continues: «It was we, always following the address provided to us by Mayor D’Agostino, who identified, with the precious contribution of the surveyor. Vincenzo Romeo, the Moderata Durant area, already owned by the municipality, and to develop, on the basis of the architectural project that the mayor Elio Costa had previously had drawn up by the architect. Cellini of Rome, the preliminary project sent out to tender. Finally – he continues – I was the president of the judging commission, composed not only of me but of two university professors, including the architect. Pino Lonetti, to manage the integrated contract which led to the identification, among six participants, of the winning project, precisely the one carried out”.
Ergo, the deputy mayor recalls the commitment of those – from administrators, to technicians, to professionals and businesses – «who have participated positively in the achievement of this important goal for our city, for the improvement of the cultural offer, which, since I could see it in the faces of the citizens who participated in the presentation on December 30th, it was eagerly awaited.”