Vibo, the inspection on the Longobardi road confirms that it is a matter of settling. One of the interventions has already been performed


By John

The municipal administration of Vibo Valentia, as previously announced, carried out an inspection in Longobardi on Tuesday to verify the problems that emerged on the road surface subject to safety works.
Present for the Municipality were the Councilor for Public Works, Carmen Corradoand the municipal councilor Serena Lo Schiavo, in addition to the municipal police. The checks, carried out together with the director of the works and the managers of the company, made it possible to ascertain – as had been immediately imagined – that the slight depressions present are due exclusively to a settlement of the ground, facilitated by the fact that precisely in corresponding to them there is, in depth, a water collection well.
Further upstream, however, at the pedestrian crossing, an intervention was necessary to bring a TIM manhole back up to altitude. The same technicians appointed by the telecommunications company have already intervened yesterday to carry out a squaring and bring the sump to level. As regards the depression on the zebra stripes, the company will intervene with consolidation and filling, restoring in a workmanlike manner the asphalt disturbed by the settling of the ground.
The intervention will be completed as soon as the weather conditions become favorable again.