San Luca, a last emotional farewell to Antonella, Domenico, Elisa and Teresa. Mons. Oliva: “This community has a big heart”


By John

The people of San Luca stopped this morning to participate in the funerals of the four young people who died (Teresa, Elisa, Domenico and Antonella) last Saturday in a car accident occurred on road 106 near the municipalities of Montauro and Montepaone, a few kilometers from Catanzaro. The solemn funeral was celebrated by the bishop of the diocese, Monsignor Francesco Oliva, the parish priest of the town Don Gianluca Longo, Don Giuseppe Strangio who was the parish priest of the town for about forty years and Don Giuseppe Alfano. At least 1500 people have clung to the pain of the families of the four victims. With the mayor of San Luca who proclaimed city mourning, there were at least 14 mayors of the district plus the mayors of Montauro and Montepaone, the two municipalities where the terrible and devastating accident took place.

Present were the mayors of the municipalities of Africo, Platì, Careri, Bova, Bova Marina, Roghudi, Casignana, Bianco, Brancaleone, Locri, Montepaone, Montauro.

One of the many passages of the homily of the bishop Monsignor Francesco Oliva: “This celebration unites us all in sharing the suffering of an entire community, the community of San Luca. San Luca is a community that has a big heart that beats strongly in the face of the pain that affects its children and does not stop loving in the face of suffering, finding the courage to be united in trials and pain. It has always demonstrated this in many moments of its history. In this sad hour she feels severely impoverished. There are too many young people who die due to road accidents! There are too many young people forced to leave their homeland in search of work! “