Vibo to vote, Pina Picierno launches Enzo Romeo: “He's the right person to win”


By John

The electoral campaign for the European elections and the local elections is starting to get underway. Pina Picierno, MEP of the Democratic Party and vice-president of the European Parliament, arrived in Vibo this morning (the only Calabrian provincial capital to vote). Picierno, who will stand for re-election to regain a seat in Strasbourg, accompanied the centre-left candidate for mayor, Enzo Romeo, for a walk in the city center and shortly afterwards they held a press conference together in the electoral headquarters of the candidate Romeo at the intersection of via Popilia and viale Kennedy.

A participatory initiative with the interventions of the two protagonists who discussed European, national and local issues in the presence, among others, of the former parliamentarian Enza Bruno Bossio, the regional councilor Raffaele Mammoliti, the city secretary Francesco Colelli and the city councilor Stefano Soriano.

“We are convinced that we will make it to the first round – commented Romeo – and we want to give new life to the city after 15 years of centre-right government. We want to focus on culture and tourism, but this is not enough for a strong relaunch of the economic fabric. We need to look at the industry and the industrial area of ​​Porto Salvo. It is very serious that in 15 years of centre-right government a consultation table on the relaunch of industrial policies in this city has never been established”.

“This city comes from 15 years of inaction – underlined Picierno – and Enzo Romeo is the right person to return to winning in an important reality like Vibo, a city with a beautiful historic centre. It takes skills to lead a city, there he wants training and years of militancy: all characteristics that Enzo Romeo possesses and which I am sure he will put to good use to make Vibo shine again in the European Championships, the hope is that the wide field will establish shared rules with a view to the future”. Picierno then responded on the issue of abstention which risks appearing significantly in the next electoral competition: “It's true, European elections are often characterized by a high rate of abstentionism and it is also for this reason that we launched the campaign awareness campaign 'Use your vote' that the European Parliament has implemented in recent months: it is not simply a necessary act, but the heart of our bet because the more citizens who go to vote, the stronger Europe will be”.