Vibonese, contact between Caffo and Lo Monaco


By John

New contact between Pippo Caffo, Pietro Lo Monaco and two entrepreneurs whose names currently remain top secret. Everything revolves around Vibonese and the future of the rossoblù club. What some had hastily branded as a journalist's invention is a much more concrete lead than previously thought.
Summary of previous episodes. Just a few weeks ago the Gazzetta had anticipated the negotiation by reporting on a meeting that took place in mid-April in Verona during Vinitaly. The face-to-face meeting between the Caffo president and the two entrepreneurs led by Pietro Lo Monaco which took place in the Caffo group stand. From then on, absolute silence fell and the king of liquor acted with the lights off, without ever saying anything to anyone. Now the time is ripe to reap what has been sown and the decisive match could take place in the next few hours.
Caffo in fact flew to Rome where yesterday afternoon he received the “D Club” lifetime achievement award for the 2023-2024 football season from the Lnd Interregional Department. A further recognition and a certificate of gratitude for the managerial path undertaken. The president will remain in the capital for a few days and the meeting with Lo Monaco and his associates should take place in Rome.
Two hypotheses: the takeover of the entire corporate package with Caffo remaining as the main sponsor or the entry of the mini-consortium into a 50% stake in the company. This last option would seem to be the one most appreciated by the owner but it is clear that in both cases the appropriate guarantees are needed: not only economic but also technical. Caffo, on the other hand, has never made a secret of his desire to find a strong partner like Danilo Beccaria was at the time of his extraordinary climb to Serie C. What is happening away from the spotlight is confirmation – if anything were needed – of appeal enjoyed by Pippo Caffo, determined to give a concrete response to the many rumors artfully fueled in the shadow of the East Curve of the “Luigi Razza” stadium.