Putin: “The Ukrainians lose 50,000 soldiers a month. In Italy there is no caveman Russophobia”


By John

Ukraine “loses 50,000 soldiers every month” while Russian losses are “several times lower”. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated this in an exclusive interview with ANSA and some of the main international agencies. Putin added that currently Russian prisoners in Ukrainian hands are 1,348, while Ukrainian prisoners are 6,465. The USA “is not fighting for Ukraine – he added – but for its own leadership in the world, and for this reason they do not want Russia to prevail”.

“In Italy there is no caveman Russophobia”

We see that Italy's position (towards Russia) is more contained than other European countries and we note this appropriately.” «In Italy – added Putin – caveman Russophobia is not spreading and we take this into consideration. We hope that when the situation regarding Ukraine begins to stabilize, we will be able to re-establish relations with Italy perhaps even faster than with some other countries.”

“Western weapons in Kiev a very dangerous step”

The delivery of Western weapons to Ukraine, Putin said, is a “very dangerous step.” «Delivering weapons in a war zone is always bad. Even more so if the person delivering them also checks them”, he added.