Villa San Giovanni, «the construction sites of the Bridge over the Strait opened only after all the evaluations»


By John

The meeting with the minister Matteo Salvini and the Strait of Messina on the status of the Bridge project the common thread of the press conference that the mayor Giusy Caminiti held yesterday accompanied by members of the council and the majority. A discussion that started from the update of the definitive, that designer’s report that Legislative Decree 35 had considered preparatory to the start of the bureaucratic process for the Bridge.
Borrowing the minister’s words, Caminiti spoke of this as a «moment of transition not a starting point», which instead will be the approval of the definitive by the Cipess, in June according to the program of MIT and “Strait of Messina” which the next week – said Caminiti – «he will send the documents to the mission structure of the Ministry entitled to open the Conference of services for the Environmental Impact Assessment: 60 days of Conference in which Villa and Messina will have to express an opinion, mandatory but not binding. Table for which the Municipality is preparing with the work of the Territory Commission and the upcoming appointment of the study commission of professionals who will support us in the vision of the project”.