US elections, Biden wins the primaries: “I will beat Trump again. He is an extremist and dangerous”


By John

Joe Biden triumphed in the Democratic primaries in South Carolina, a widely expected victory but which, thanks to the very large majority, projects the president directly towards the nomination and, in all likelihood, a new challenge against Donald Trump in the November vote. “The people of South Carolina have spoken and I have no doubt that they have put us on the path to winning the presidency again and defeating Donald Trump once again,” the commander-in-chief exulted immediately after the victory, thanking that state, and especially the African-American electorate, who in 2020 was decisive for winning the White House.
«The stakes in this election could not be higher – underlined Biden -. CThey are extremist and dangerous voices for the country led by Donald Trump and determined to divide our nation and take us back. We cannot allow this to happen.” “We have come a long way in the last four years, with America now having the strongest economy in the world and the lowest inflation of any major economy. Let’s keep moving forward. Let’s finish what we started, together”, insisted the president who is now ready for the official investiture which will take place at the Democratic convention in Chicago in August. On the other hand, Biden’s victory could not have been more clear, with 40% of the votes counted for the president there was almost a plebiscite: 96.6% against 1.9% of the writer Marianne Williamson and the 1.4% for Congressman Dean Phillips.
The test of the primaries in South Carolina, which not surprisingly this year was preferred to New Hampshire as the first state to host the Democrats’ elections, also served the Biden campaign to test the president’s appeal among the electorate black. After months of polls showing a growing percentage of black voters disillusioned with the administration, this primary has brought a sigh of relief to the campaign. The next stop for the Democrats will be February 6 in Nevada, where two days later the Republican candidates, Trump and Nikki Haley, will face each other. Then on February 24th it will be the turn of the Grand old party in South Carolina, where the former governor will play at home. Three days after the 27th, Michigan will host the Dem primaries, while the Republican caucuses will take place on March 2. Until Super Tuesday, March 5, when 16 states will vote, including Alabama, California, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Virginia and North Carolina.